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Public opening hours

Tuesdays 6-9 PM

Thursdays 6-9 PM

Drop in – no reservation needed.

Evening activities:

Planetarium show:
2 times during the evening, at 6.30 PM (for children, in swedish) and 8.00 PM (in english on Tuesdays). Tickets for the planetarium are available at the reception from 6 PM.
Telescope: If the sun is shining, our solar telescope is set up to observe it. When it is dark and if the weather is clear, it will be possible to look at the stars with telescopes both in the observatory dome and around the house.
– The mathematics room ”SpektRum” with hundreds of games, puzzles and brain teasers is open all evening.
– The space exhibition is also open all evening
– Coffee/tea/Juice for sale.

Common questions about the planetarium:

Can I reserve tickets in advance?
No, you can’t. Tickets are issued on a first come first serve basis until it is full.

How many places are there in the planetarium?
27 for each show.

How much do the tickets cost?
The tickets for the planetarium shows are free of charge, what you pay for is the entrance fee, see price list below.

Any questions? Contact us: 090-718020


Price list:

Adults …………………………… 100 SEK
Students and seniors …………. 50 SEK
Children (under 18 years) ……… 50 SEK
Each child can bring an adult for free!

We prefer payments by bank/credit cards.

Contact us

+46 (0)90-718020